The Soule Entrepreneurial Institute

I have been doing extensive book research in the field (my restaurant) and in scientific journals. My tips have been astounding my coworkers.

The book will answer questions like
How can acting like an ape increase your tips?
What short term investment has a 1,300% return?
How fewer choices mean bigger gratuity.

To celebrate, anyone who has left a comment on my site or signed up for the Soule Opportunity Network will receive a free copy of my book on the release date.

8/7/2008 05:17:19 am

I loved the Tip Science section. While getting my degree at U.T. I worked for tips as a bartender...for 6 years. So I can appreciate the subject of increasing tips. Fifteen years later, I am now the sole owner of a real estate firm with over 60 employees. Brian, I have a feeling that you will exceed my accomplishments by far....

8/25/2008 01:36:56 am

Got the site up I see. Nice! The landing page looks great, your copy is pretty solid. That will be some nice supplementary income.


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