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Eagles Roost started when my boss (Dr. Robert O'Brien of Virtual.MD) decided to move to a new home in Austin. They said the moving company would charge them around $2,800 for move. I jokingly said that I could do it half that price.

That night I checked the figures for a do it yourself job.
 1. A U-Haul could easily stay under $200 for the whole project,
 2. A few college students would work for $150-200 apiece
 3. New Ropes, Boxes, Blankets, and Tape should stay under $500
Four students, a truck and supplies would total up to about $1500 dollars.

Here is a moving estimate for an in town, two bedroom house from
Moving from Austin, Texas to Austin, Texas
Estimated Distance:    0 miles   Estimated Weight:    11,000 pounds
Estimated Cost:    $4,900 - $5,900

That's $1,000 to $4,400 potential profit for one day's work! (or no work at all)

As the O'Briens are family friends, I decided not to charge them more than the job actually cost plus my hourly labor. I called two of my friends, who happened to be eagle scouts and a few Sundays later we were moving furniture into a U-Haul van.  Jokingly, we started calling it the eagle scout moving company. We knew plenty of knots and our band of movers managed to move the whole house without any damage to the furniture. The job ended up costing around $750 dollars. Our costs totaled to 26% of the original estimate.

We have completed one other job since then, with similar results. The name Eagles Roost Moving has really stuck as it conveys the trustworthiness that boy scouts are taught from a young age.

The best part of moving is that you get to sleep like a baby after the job. I would love to make this company grow into an Austin institution. I'm looking for good people to be a part of this company. Send me an email if you want to be a part of Eagle's Roost,
Give us a call for your next move!

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