The Soule Entrepreneurial Institute

I have just published our logo prototypes in the new Wake Aid product lab.

The lab has a survey/input section where you can give input on our logo prototypes. Anyone who gives their opinion can get a free bottle of Wake Aid when the product launches for consumer testing.


We have opened up wake aid so that anyone who provides valuable work or ideas can be paid for their efforts. It's very cool, and a bit radical.

Check out our announcement,
You are now the CEO of WakeAid.

What do you think?


WakeAid is a product to help those who have trouble waking up. When someone is having trouble getting out of bed, they can grab a bottle of WakeAid from the bedside table and spray directly into the mouth. WakeAid will give them the energy they need to start the day.

    We are currently looking for a graphic designer to help us with our Package/Brand.
    We have been talking with some nutritional stores including People's Pharmacy and GNC about retail agreements. is up and running. Soon we should have some product images on the site.