The Soule Entrepreneurial Institute

During my high school years, I made some fantastic friendships that continue to this day. It continues to amaze me how many high caliber individuals I encountered in one location. 

This burgeoning alumni organization promises to provide a rich body of talent and camaraderie to all of it's members.

Besides good company, the WAN will provide the following services:
1. Provide a communication channel
2. Facilitate business exchange of talent (jobs), contracts, and partnerships.
3. Provide helpful resources

Current Tasks:

 - Develop literature for new members
 - Design a WAN logo/letterhead
 - Develop the website
     Create a news section
     Document member information
     Enable intelligent search for networking (sort by          profession, graduation year, location, Ect.)
 - Affiliate with at least 25% of the "millennial" generation (graduating year 2000-present) by 2009

If you would like to volunteer to help with these tasks, shoot me an email at brian (at) briansoule .com. Let me know how you can contribute to these tasks and I will make you an official part of the organization.


After finishing writing Tip Science; I encountered an entirely new challenge, selling it.

Without doing much research, I set up an account with Google Adwords, and created a sales page. The page did ok without any optimization, but being average is hardly the best strategy.

After researching for a few weeks two resources rose to the forefront, a recorded seminar by the author of Guerrilla Marketing and The book Predictably Irrational by Dan Ariely.

Guerrilla Marketing was written in 1983. In retrospect, most advice on cutting edge marketing I've been given over the years can be traced to that lecture. I will be posting a summary in the near future, so check for it on the blog page.

The book Predictably Irrational follows studies in behavioral economics conducted by MIT's Dan Ariely. A very interesting read, I will be posting a summary on it too.

So how will I change my sales strategies?

I will expand Tip Science from a book to a training course; with a training checklist, progress calendar, forum membership, and a course guide.

The price will increase to 49.95, and the course will be free for 30 days.

The sales page will become a helpful questionnaire, instead of a self promotion.

I will add a second item, priced at 129.95 (more on this tactic with the Predictably Irrational summary)

Stay tuned for the results of these experiments.