The Soule Entrepreneurial Institute

An Entrepreneur is someone who starts companies, right?

Well, yes. But an Entrepreneur also creates Ideas and Relationships. An Entrepreneur can create things as large as political movements or things as small as road trips. By definition, an entrepreneur creates wealth. Wealth can be defined in many ways.

An Entrepreneur creates Wealth

Wealth = Friendship, Knowledge, Financial Security, Freedom, Love, Intelligence, Achievement, Anything of personal value.  

The same basic skills apply to professional entrepreneurship, as they apply to any other type. Three Universal stages apply to wealth creation,

1. The Idea - Ideas often occur organically, a good entrepreneur appreciates problems for the opportunities they provide. Ideas can be simple - like inviting someone to a party, or complicated, like harvesting the motion of waves on the coast to generate energy. Often, in economic entrepreneurship, the person who crates the idea is not the person who starts a company around that idea. Ideas have far reaching consequences that can change the world for the better. Ideas have many forms, like a new joke, or style of golf swing.

2. The Introduction - Ideas can be introduced intentionally or by example. Once an idea is introduced, the responsibility of communicating and acting on that idea is shifted to it's followers. Without followers, an idea is merely a thought. during introduction, the majority of the idea is created in the shortest amount of time. Presenting an idea empathetically, and with confidence will give your movement good character throughout it's life.

3. Growth/Fruition - Some ideas require leadership, some don't. As your ideas become successful, just remember - it is easiest to perpetuate movements that benefit your followers. That can mean making complicated ideas simple, gifting shared moments of humor, or creating communities for people to be a part of. Think in terms of others, and you will be amazed at the changes you can make.

Destruction is a form of creation
- Donnie Darko

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